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with numerous surge rise. >> reporter: the shellout gang is believed to have carried out a number of f robberies. this gas station in florida and north capital was targeted. authorities say that members took items from the store and threatened a manager with a box cutter. >> we have identified the areas they operated in over the last year, to include foggy bottom, chinatown, dupont circle, u street, adams morgan and bloomingdale. >> reporter: hate crime charges are being filed against some of the gang members for an incident that happened here at second and k streets northeast, when a homeless man was targeted. police say members took the man's clothes inside a backpack and even tap. ed to take his shoes. >> -- and even attempted to take his shoes. >> for beatings and robberies based on bias. some of these attacks included unprovoked beatings on homeless
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individuals in some cases as they slept. >> reporter: lanier pointed out the beatings at times were vicious and didn't stop even when the victim was defenseless. >> as a group, they would attack and viciously beat their victims, oftentimes continuing to beat and kick unconscious victims after they were down. >> reporter: lanier told us that more gang members will be arrested as this investigation continues and the group could be linked to many other crimes. not only here in d.c., will, but across the area. >> these arrests are good news across the city, matt. thank you. the principal of coolidge high school in the district turned herself in to police today following assault accusations. thelma squareet and two other employees accused of attacking a former staff member. it happened earlier this month after the homecoming football game. jarett is charged with simple assault and placed on administrative leave. aubrey brown will resume the role of acting principal. new at 5 tonight, fairfax county police have released a
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picture of a suspect in an attack at this library. it happened about a week ago at the thomas jefferson library in falls church. police believe this man followed a 17-year-old girl into the women's bathroom and assaulted her. the girl screamed and he took off. if you know who this is, fairfax county police are asking that you come forward so that they can find this man. and an edgewater, maryland, man is in custody charged with sexually abusing two children and anne arundel county police arrested the man yesterday. investigators say he abused two boys starting back in 2000. the abuse lasted about eight years when the boys became teenagers. sarah was 66 years old. police want to know if he had other victims and they're asking anyone with information to call them. happening right now, the jury is delivering the fate of a former bowie university student accused of killing her roommate over a fight of music. it's been one year since the
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stack. karen gray houston has the latest. >> reporter: that's right. the jury getting the case after a day of dramatic developments and in a surprise move, the defense put the defendant on the stand and her testimony was rivetting. now, the prosecutors used an actual knife in court to show how they said simpson jabbed and stabbed and slashed her roommate's throat. and the defense in closing arguments said what happened on campus with several roommates in that room that night was a terrible mistake and that alexis simpson acted in self- defense. alexis simpson broke down sobbing, praying as she spoke, insisting she never meant to kill dominique frazier. she said she acted in self- defense. prosecutor tar jack aydinson held at the -- tara jackson
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held up a knife that looked like a large hunting-style knife. you were swing a deadly weapon, weren't you? simpson said i was swinging the knife so they would get away from me. i didn't intentionally stab her. the night of september 15th, 2011, simpson and frazier and roommates fought after simpson turned off music dominique was listening to. they had a long-standing simmering dislike for each other. in court, prosecutor jackson held up a knife saying to simpson you took a knife that looked like this with blood dripping from it and put it in your bag. the prosecutor trying to suggest that simpson hid the weapon, which was never found. said simpson, yes, but i was not trying to keep up with the knife. on redirect, simpson's lawyer accused him of prancing around with the knife. he held up the knife and said is this is this your knife? no, she replied. this knife belongs to dominique, he said, and simpson
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said yes. the drama unfolded in the standing-room only courtroom that is packed full of rooms and family members the trial had to be moved to a bigger space. >> i think justice should be served, okay, because a life has been taken and, like i said, both families are suffering right now and it's up to the jury. >> lovely little girl and never no problems or anything at all that and this came out. >> they were bullying her, why do you think this went on? >> this could be a long night for the jurors. they have to sort out whether it was first-degree premeditated murder second degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, or just a very tragic case of self-defense.
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shawn? >> that is a tragedy all around for both families. thank you. a top republican called president obama a liar for his statements on the ben ghaz i attack. on capitol hill today, democrats and republicans traded some tough words over the attack. at the center of the storm, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. republicans say she misled the country. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is here and i guess it appears the president's strong quest ask or demands telling them to come back after him, back off, susan rice, didn't do a lot of good. >> reporter: no, in fact, it was the opposite that was resparked as both sides accused the others of using the ben ghazi attack to their own advantage. the republican-controlled house foreign affairs committee accept -- but they answered questions. instead, witnesses consisting of career government facilities officials and conservative thinktank experts offered their assessment of the
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administration's actions on ben ghazi. the attack killed four americans, including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. yesterday, president obama intensely defended u.n. ambassador susan rice who was under fire for saying the attack was a protest gone out of control, rather that a terrorist incident. today, democrats and republicans went after each other for trying to politicize ben ghazi. >> what is clear is that this administration, including the president himself, has intentionally misinformed, lied to the american people in the aftermath of the tragedy. >> if you want an honest investigation of this tragedy, we will join you. but if you want to persist in trying somehow to put this, lay this at the doorstep of the president or the secretary of state or the united nations ambassador, you will find us
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ready and willing photoresist to the teeth. -- willing to resist to the teeth. >> reporter: david petraeus was a concern among some committee members today who want to know exactly what is in the report compiled by petraeus following his visit to libya. petraeus resigned last week after admitting to an affair and the fbi is investigating if classified information on ben ghazi was given to his mistress, paula broadwell, will? >> so far, fitz, the president is not convinced there was a national security breach, right? >> reporter: that is what he said yesterday, however, as the president also pointed out today, the fbi has not yet concluded this investigation and there are questions as to how this information came into paula broadwell's possession. >> fair enough. tom fitzgerald, thank you for the update. the senate armed services committee is holding a confirmation hear for example president obama's choice for the top commander in afghanistan. general joseph dunford is speaking to the committee, including mccain and lieberman. the many topic, focusing on getting troops out of
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afghanistan. general dunford believes it can happen in 2014, but senator mccain challenged dunford's credibility. >> that is interesting to me, a guy taking over the command has not been included in those conversations. >> sir, i think i have an understanding of the framework within which that decision can be made. i have identified what i think are the most important variables that need to be considered. again, have not been involved in the detailed planning. >> the man general dunford would replace, general john allen, is not attending the meeting. the violence is escalating between israel and the palestinians. it centered in the ghaza -- gaza strip. the palestinians fired off more than 200 rockets in israel, some landing near tel aviv. at least three people were killed. meantime, israel is firing back and has launched several strikes against hamas in gaza. >> another big story tonight. bp agreed to pay the largest
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criminal settlement in u.s. history. phil keating has the latest. >> reporter: bp will pay a record criminal settlement to the u.s. government for its massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico back in april of 2010. bp agreed to shell out $4.5 billion will plowed guilty to 11 felony counts related to the deaths of nearly a dozen workers. two bp workers are also facing manslaughter charges. >> today's resolutions does not, does not mark the end of our efforts. in fact, our criminal investigation remains ongoing. >> reporter: bp releasing a statement saying we believe this resolution is in the best interest of bp and the shareholders. adding that it removes two significant legal risks and allows us to vigorously defend the company against remaining civil claims. the deepwater horizon rig exploded and sank 50 miles off of the coast of louisia
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killing 11 workers. an estimated 206 million gallons of crowd gushed from the ruptured well. the fill pill con-- spill contaminated beaches in four states, killed wildlife and closed down huge areas of the gulf to commercial fishing and tourism for many months on end. >> and about $2.4 billion will be dedicated to environmental restoration, preservation, and conservation efforts throughout the region. >> reporter: the london-based oil company faces a big civil trial in february in new orleans. that involved the gulf coast states, the coastal communities, racetracks, casinos, and other businesses as well as companies that lost money during that ban on deepwater drilling. in miami, phil keating, fox news. coming up tonight, scary moments as the fbi raids a local neighborhood. we'll take you there live. >> also ahead tonight, why a popular energy drink is under
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the microscope. >> and meet a virginia pastor so moved by what he heard at a black tie gala, he decided to become a kidney donor. he joins us live in our studio to tell us what inspired him. i . >> this is not just candy. these are bags of love. i'm beth parker. i will tell you where they're headed coming up. oming up. . >> and crowding -- cloudy today. the temperatures are staying cool and that is the trend. but, we will get some sunshine out of the deal the next few days. a first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us. 
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. a fox 5 health alert now. the fda investigating reports that 13 people have died or gotten sick after taking the five-hour energy drink. in a statement, the agency said it will take action if it can link the deaths to consumption of the five-hour energy drink. they caution customers to talk to doctors before consuming any energy drink. the deadly meningitis outbreak was the topic of a senate hearing today. the ceo for the pharmacies testified and condemned the pharmacy at the center of the outbreak and said the company should have been shut down years ago bay state or federal regulators. they're proposing new laws to regulating compounding pharmacies. 32 people have died and more than 460 made sick by contaminated steroids shots distributed by that new england pharmacy. and one of the biggest, vents of the year for the national kidney foundation is happening this weekend in washington. it's called the kidney ball and
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this is a good reason why there is a big push in our area to raise money for medical research. payson services, education, organ donation awareness. about 700,000 people in the d.c. region have some form of kidney disease. about 6,000 people are now on dialysis, and 1500 are waiting for a kidney transplant. and get ready to be inspired. pastor rusty norton is here, our guest. let me set this up, rusty. a couple of years ago, rusty gave the indication at the kidney ball and became inspired to be a living donor. i think we have a photo of -- photo of you giving the invocation. what did you hear at the kidney ball, rusty, that motivated you to become a living donor? >> what happened was when they asked me to do the invoication, i studied about kidneys.
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i figured i had a couple of them but didn't know about them. what struck me was 13 people a day will die waiting for a kidney, and and i didn't know anything about that. >> and giving the statistics, you know, those are people potentially in your congregation, i think the chair person for the kidney ball has a child that suffered from kidney disease. take us through the process when you got the call, hey, you're a match, we need your kidney. >> we went away for a weekend. >> your wife. >> and i was not sure how things would go. they set it up very well and the donation was easier than i thought it would be. i have five scars and a couple of weeks later, i'm walking and running and things are fairly back to normal. >> you have two kidneys to operate and be fine with one, right? apparently, you need half of one kidney and the fact that i had a spare seemed like if i'm
5:18 pm
carrying a spare to give one away, that makes sense. >> what was the recovery time for you? >> probably a couple of weeks where i was still a little tired. >> that is incredible. you gave a kidney and a couple of weeks later, you were pretty good. >> i. >> within a month, i was back to doing everything i normally did. am completely back to normal, maybe normal is not that great, but for me it's good. >> and let me talk about the kidney ball and this is what that is all about, after all. it's this saturday and tickets are available. that is at the army shore and hotel in northwest, starting at 6:30, formally of the eagles, he will be performing and we put all of the links to the kidney foundation and how can you register to become an organ donor on and that is under web links. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> a real inspiration. over to you, shawn. a california woman broke a
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world record by giving birth to the world's heaviest set of triplets. britney dean gave birth last thursday and they weighed in at more than 20 pounds combined, breaking the previous book of world records by more than a pound. she wanted to make sure she had a healthy pregnancy and ate more than usual, about 6,000 calories a day. >> and we thought we would be one baby on the screen for the first time, and imagine a little bit of shock when we found out there were going to be three babies, and we had no clue as to what we were going to do. >> the previous record for heaviest triplets was set last year with new borns weighing in at 18 pounds 11 ounces collectively. >> can did you say she ate 6,000 calories a day? how do you do that? >> i don't know.
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they're great there. >> and you would need the nutrients. >> congratulations. >> yeah, congratulations. another cold, cloudy day, right in. >> it was cold and cloudy. >> can we expect the same into the evening hours? >> and that is going to be chilly and cloudy. we have had the showers. it's been dry, they have showers coming up from north carolina into southern virginia. i don't think that this is a big deal for us and we may have a sprinkle or two south of the metro and heading to the st of us a little bit. they there and moving in our direction. i didn't want to mention it. it looks like overnight tonight, the clouds will break up and move on, okay. 48 degrees here in the city. gaithersburg, lower 40s, frederick at 41 degrees and if you have any sunshine today, that may have helped you out with the temperature a little bit. mostly clouds and mostly clouds at 9. you see them dropping off into the mid-40s and so and the
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clouds will start to brack up a bit, 10, 11:00 and sunshine returns, the full forecast including thanksgiving is coming up. >> all right, gary, thank you very much. coming up, how the family of a young boy who lost his battle to cancer are keeping his memory alive while also helping families going through a tough time. stay with us. 
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. you're about to meet a family who suffered a loss that many of us can't imagine. they chose to take their loss and turn it into something good. >> and beth parker shows us tonight that they helping people they have never met in honor of their son. >> okay. >> reporter: this may look like a mountain of candy. but to vicky brown -- . >> this is like bags of love behind me. >> reporter: in 2008, vicky and her husband peter learned their son had cancer. while mattie was in the hospital, friends supplied them with a steady stream of snacks. >> when i look at chocolate now, it makes me smile.
5:25 pm
i mean i loved candy before mattie got sick but dandy symbolizes to me love. people went out of their way to buy me candy or something sweet. >> reporter: in 2009, mattie died. >> it's a constant struggle when you lose a child to cancer. you need a direction and a purpose in life. >> reporter: something tangible. at the moment, that something is candy. here's where it will end up. >> we have sodas, chips. >> reporter: on a snack cart rolling through the hospital where mattie died. >> and when you have a sick child, there are lots of things that can be in short supply. one is time, another is mean. everything on the cart is free. >> families look forward to seeing the snack cart. their eyes glow, their mouths are smiling.
5:26 pm
they know that other people outside of the hospital are thinking of them. >> reporter: the browns started the mattie miracle cancer foundation. the candy they collected comes from friends and strangers. >> this particular class or brownie troupe never met mattie. mattie's story is getting out there, and that is very important to me. it keeps his memory alive and to his memory, we're -- through his memory, we're helping other children. >> he would have liked having all of the candy stacked up in the living room. >> i think he would have been beside himself. >> reporter: remembering his joy, nothing could be sweeter n beth parker, fox 5 news. coming up on the 5, s.w.a.t. members from the fbi place a local neighborhood on lockdown. we'll have the very latest. >> and a plan is on the table to close more than a dozen schools in the district. tonight, frustrated parents get a chance to voice their childrens -- concerns. >> some girls want attention and they like don't care who sees it. >> and you have ever gotten a text message and wondered what does it mean?
5:27 pm
how a new website can help you decode the confusing text messages.
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. chaos in a prince georges county neighborhood this morning. an fbi s.w.a.t. team served a search warrant to a home in district heights. multiple shots were fired, but apparently, no one was hit. john henrehan is live in district heights with the latest out there. john. >> reporter: there is a number of fbi agents at this location that have been astounding. at one point, there were 15 to 20 investigators here. they are still here. they, we're told, they're still executing the search warrant and they're investigating why apparently one of the fbi agents who was in on the takedown, used the service revolver and fired about five shots in the living room of
5:31 pm
that home. around 6:30 a.m., a baltimore- based s.w.a.t. team went through a front door of the home of 6709 kippling parkway in maryland. this is part a series of coordinated raids in multiple locations in d.c. and maryland. at the time ofptri at this scene, someone discharged a weapon. the bullet struck no one. the fbi is not saying who fired, but a person who lives in the house told us off camera that five to six bullets were fired by an fbi agent inside the house. in the living room. and an 18-year-old woman was the target. the asian apparently thought she was holding a weapon. the fbi said a woman inside the house was injured and taken away by ambulance. she apparently suffered only an abrasion, possibly as the result of a fall. she's discharged from the local hospital. perhaps because of the large number of investigators on the scene, the fbi was quick to
5:32 pm
disclose that the search and rescue was not connected to any kind of counterterrorism operations. and a grand jury indictment was unsealed late today, charging five men in connection with the heroin destrict, particularly in the kennelworth gardens neighborhood of d.c., a big public housing development. four of the five suspects named have been taken in by various task forces in d.c. and in maryland. one man is on the loose still. a total of eight locations are raided and they're still executing the search warrant here. it's uncommon for an fbi agent to disarm his or her weapon and that is probably why the scrutiny is under the microscope. back to you, will. >> some serious business out there. john henrehan, thank you. and tonight, some parents are getting their chance to speak out on a plan to close 20 d.c. public schools. the d.c. council is holding a public hearing led by chairman
5:33 pm
phil mendelson. audrey barnes is live with the latest. audrey? i know there is a lot of opinions on this one. >> reporter: there are a lot of opinions, shawn, and that council hearing room is packed with more than 100 people who want to -- what they think about the proposal to close 20 schools, many of them at the end of the school year and this plan by the school chancellor will affect 3,000 students in six wards. most of the schools to close are in northeast and those east of the anacostia river. the council members want to hear what the public has to say. because of the sheer volume of parents and concerned citizens affected by this plan, they will have another hearing on monday night to hear the rest of the parents. the biggest thing that parents
5:34 pm
seem to be concerned about are her efforts to create two -- create two megaschools that would cater through six to 12th graders in the same building. a lot of concern with parents having their younger children going to school with children 17 and 18 years old in the same building. also, for the first time, d.c. city high schools were closed under this proposal and that is another prickly issue for the community. we'll be here tonight. when kaya henderson finishes up, the members of the community will have a chance to tell them what they want to hear. back to you at 10. >> thank you. a news alert out of d.c. the police need your help in identifying the person of interest. they released this video today of a man they believe is a link to a fatal shooting in september. if you know who the man was,
5:35 pm
call mpd. police also need your help trying to identify four people wanted for questioning in an armed robbery and shooting. the incident happened early last friday. police say a group of people robbed a group of men at gunpoint. when the suspects took off, two of the victims followed and during the chase, police say one of the suspects fired his gun hitting the victim's car. fortunately, no one was hurt. four men now in custody charged with murdering a man in capital heights. melvin pate was shot and critically wounded nearly two years ago and he died of his injuries last week. police charged mark anderson of waldorf, mark sanders, germaine hails and cyree petty. they were charged with first- and second-degree murder and other charges. we guess it beats standing in line at the apple store. how crocks were able to steal more than $1 million worth of. >> i joy pad minis. >> and we'll -- . >> reporter: >> i pad minis. >> and the computer glitch that
5:36 pm
left airline passengers stranded nationwide. ionwide. 
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. united airlines said it's now fixed a computer problem that caused delays for thousands of passengers this morning. dispatchers couldn't sense light information to nearly half of the u.s. flights. the outage lasted a couple of hours. regional flights on united express were not affected. some brave and bold burglars are on york tonight. they stole thousands of apple ipad minis from jfk airport. the highest happened before midnight on monday. they used one of the airports own forklifts to load two pellets on to the truck. investigators say they could have gotten away with three more pallets, except an airport employee managed to scare him off. the heist is said to be worth $1.4 million. we knew the u.s. postal service was struggling financially, today the agency announced it suffered a record
5:41 pm
nearly $16 billion loss during the fiscal year sending -- sending september 30th. they have been urging congress for months to pass the bill to relieve some of the financial burdens. it wants to go to a five-day-a- week mail delivery instead of six and reduce annual payments for health and retirement for workers. how a new website is helping women figure out what men really mean when they send text messages. >> that might be helpful to a lot of people. >> especially if they're confusing. >> and it appears the man who launched the false allegations against elmo's puppeteer is no stranger to the law. >> and gary's back to tell us when we can expect warmth and sunshine in the forecast. stay with us. ay with us.
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. have you ever shown a text message to a friend to get their opinion? now, can you let strangers analyze your love life online. a new website is aimed at
5:45 pm
helping women decipher what men are really saying via text. fox's chris o'connell has a closer look for us. >> making her happy. >> reporter: you can call it generation text. >> i think we're going to get married one day. >> do you think you feel the same way? no. >> reporter: where yesterday's love letters are today's tweets. text and insta grams. >> because i want a boyfriend. i thought i wanted a boyfriend. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> reporter: we asked three delaware county teenagers to check out a new website called he, promising to decode what guys actually mean in their text messages. >> why would he care about what i think? >> this is not like you. >> a player. >> reporter: it's simple. women send in their text messages and ask viewers to decide. he's in to you or not. what is this guy trying to say? he said sorry i snuck out last
5:46 pm
night. couldn't sleep she writes that is cool, what are you doing later? he said kind of crazy -- crazy with work. i will let you know. more than 3,000 strangers changed in. >> some girls want attention and they like don't care who sees it and they just kind of want to show off. >> reporter: these girls thought the site was entertaining. >> i think it's kind of crazy. >> reporter: but they wonder why girls would put it out there for the world to see. >> like their self-esteem is so low and they need confirming a on things that are so simple and they probably want attention. >> reporter: we showed the site to some parents who tell us this site could send the wrong message. >> i think that is an impression of him trying to have a booty call. >> he's trying to get some? >> right. he's trying to get some. >> it's technology. everything is evolving. it's the same exact thing as passing notes, bakely. >> can you see people are talking about it. the website's founder said it's so popular, there is a new user
5:47 pm
every three seconds and it may expand now by creating a website just for men appropriately called >> i'm trying to figure out what all of the letters mean sometimes. >> me and you both. >> give me the basics right now. there are two new editions to the national toy hall of fame. what about this? the latest legends, starwars -- star wars figures and dominoes. a committee picked out the final two out of 12 finalists and they will be a part of the national hall of fame in rochester, new york. and i'll tell you what, star wars dominates my house. and there -- a lot are leggo figures. >> that is what that is. >> i'm trying to figure out what kk means in text. >> okay, okay? >> times two? >> reporter: don't know. >> hey, gary. >> who knew they had a toy hall of fame. >> did you know that? >> no, i didn't. >> is it odd that most of the toys in the toy hall of fame
5:48 pm
are what i played with when i was a kid? >> no. >> does that mean i'm told? -- old? >> thanks. >> i'm a classic? >> no. >> many have been around before you. >> and she is digging a hole. >> she's saying star wars toys are popular in her home and. >> right, some were my oldest son's toys. >> r2d2. >> same with me and so ere star wars leggo. >> leggos. >> and that is a huge thing. you right, shawn. accuweather forecast is coming up. it's been a cloudy day today. a little bit of sunshine. did you get any at your house? if you did, it may help the temperature a bit. they have been thick today, the clouds, 48 now in the city. gaithersburg is down to 43 and look at the numbers dropping down out to the west of us and winchester already 36 degrees.
5:49 pm
martinsburg, 41; the temperatures will drop off, they won't drop off as quickly this evening because we have a good deck of clouds and that tends to act as a blanket and keep the temperatures from just getting real cold real fast and overnight tonight, we'll dry out. 46 at 9:00 and at 11:00, a few clouds remain and the temperature at 42. in the suburbs, it will be colder and faster and really good. and 53 degrees for a high tomorrow. the sunshine comes back. the clouds get out of the way and saturday looks real, real good. the temperature of 54 degrees and when we get the clouds on saturday, it should be later in the day. we'll talk about that in a second. look at the thick bank of clouds on top of us and that is basically a dominated weather today. the rain is creeping up from
5:50 pm
the south and i do believe it's not going to be a factor from us. maybe a few of our southern counties, fredericksburg and you can get a shower later on this evening. everything does appear to be shifting on off to the east now and it will narrowly miss us. i think southern maryland has a chance of getting a little bit of the rainfall, maybe if you're as far south as charles county, something like that and can you pick up a few counties there. saint mary's county, and calvert county. again, that is what is moving on through and once it's east- northeast of us, that will go away. and that is mostly sunny. as we progress through the day, loads of sunshine tomorrow and that is looking nice on saturday as well. watching the storm system to the south-southeast off of the coast and that could provide us with clouds into late saturday night, sunday, monday, and tuesday and that is going to be fighting with high pressure to the north of us and we're going
5:51 pm
to get a lot of onshore flow. okay, that can bring clouds the latter part of the weekend. tonight, we're chilly, 37 degrees and colder out there in the suburbs. the clouds erode and a few clouds around tomorrow morning, sunny at noontime, and sunny in the evening. the temperature is up to about 53 for a high tomorrow and this is your fox 5ef is-day forecast. the thanksgiving is on the seven-day forecast here. hard to believe that it's just a week. >> and right now, 57 degrees and sunshine -- sunshine. >> thank you, gary. president obama is touring new york checking out some of the hardest hit areas still recovering from sandy and the nor'easter. more than two weeks after the storm swept through the northeast, thousands are without power. tens of thousands are homeless. joining the president, new york governor andrew cuomo, mayor bloomberg and senator chuck schumer. >> i came up here after the storm was on the jersey side
5:52 pm
and i promise to everybody that i was speaking on behalf of the country when i said that we're going to be here until the rebuilding is complete and i meant it. i'm going come back today and in the future to make sure that we have followed through on that commitment. >> president obama will take an aerial tour of parts of queens and brooklyn before meeting with families on staten island. banning foods that are bad for you is a trend. transfats, supersize sodas and happy meals are under attack those days. the latest food fight is against junk foods in schools. sherri ly is live with the latest. >> reporter: shawn, schools across the d.c. region have a responsibility to make sure that students are healthy, and that starts with banning junk food. the main target, vending machines with sugary snacks. they're offlimits these days at many schools and that doesn't
5:53 pm
stop there. the federal government has put school lunches on a healthier diet, too. fruits and vegetables are mandatory. >> people like to have their own food and get to choose what they want to eat and -- . >> they eat the fries and burgers and vegetables and the fruit. >> reporter: are junk food bans making a dent in kid's waistlines? the answer is tonight and why some complain food restrictions are unamerican. >> un-american, huh? we look forward to your hospital. a new kind of adult drink is being whipped up. >> custard? >> and there you go. >> okay. >> it's baking its own drunken doughnut by pouring the liqueur into the donuts. they injected with all different jelly and liqueur flavors. the owner said the doughnuts are legal because when you cook, the alcohol is burned out
5:54 pm
still leaving the strong flavors behind. >> and i don't think i want to taste vodka-flavored custard donuts. >> are they making them? >> that is what the sign said on the picture, there you go. >> and i am reading, you're looking at the video. let's check in with brian and see what is coming up. >> great time of the year for -- [ indiscernible ] >> actually all right. >> and those are fantastic. a man convicted of murder. the dna not his. now, two jurors speak out after spending the wrong man to jail. and why d.c. has not certified his innocence. plus, national security figures go behind closed doors to discuss the deadly attack in ben ghazi aowner of a software company needs protection him. why he fears for his life. next. 
5:55 pm
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. a vicious attack at a massachusetts convenience store caught on camera. watch as two men in masks and hoods walk in attacking the clerk and pistol whipping him. the clerk put up a good fight. fortunately, an elderly customer walked in and scared them off who left without the cash. he suffered cuts to his face and is okay tonight. the man accused of killing etan p atz is back in court. he was indicted on murder and kidnapping charges. patz wentmissing in new york city in 1979 while walking to his bus stop and his body was never found. hernandez's attorney said his client is schizophrenic and prone to hallucinations. the next court date is next month where he will enter a plea. we know the identity of a man who wrongfully accused elmo's puppeteer of sexually abusing him as a teenager. he's 24 years old, an aspiring model. earlier this week, stevens recanted the story and said
5:59 pm
that he and elmo's puppeteer, kevin clash, had a consensual relationship. the website, the smoking gun, reports that stevens was in trouble before. he was reportedly arrested in 2009 and accused of receiving stolen goods. the case was dismissed. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. >> emotionally, it's devastating to learn that you had anything to do with it. >> off of the top tonight on the news edge, a fox 5 exclusive. tribble was convicted of murder over 30 years ago. his hair found at the scene of the crime, a key piece of evidence. dna testing later found that hair didn't belong to him. his convict was overturned but to this day, he yearns for real innocence and two jurors in the case agree. >> reporter: he was convicted in the 1978 killing of a cab driver wants o

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